Launch a Digital Course On Your Lunch Break 


Action Plan to Create Your Digital Course AND Fast Track Your Way OUT of Your 9 to 5 ASAP!

You're tired of people less qualified than you getting promoted.


Or worse yet... you haven't received a decent pay raise that really amounts to anything on your check.


 And then to top that off...after giving up your best 8+ hours, you have to battle bumper-to-bumper traffic. RRRRGGGHHHH.


And once you're finally home, you're exhausted but you feel Mommy Guilt because now you're too pooped to pour into your kids, because you've poured your all into your job.


 Someone else dictates when you come in...when you can eat...when you go home, so you have no freedom over your own life. 


You even have to ask permission to just go to your OBGYN appointment…that’s no way to live.


You shouldn’t have to have a boss micromanage you, you’re an adult.

And worse yet, what if you end up being the older woman in the office that never got out??? You'll look up as you retire and place your plant and belongings into a box and wonder why you never went for your dreams.



  • Make more money than you boss
  • Dedicate more time to your family
  • No more being passed up for promotions
  • Flexibility to decide how you will spend your day

How does it feel to wake up when you want to? 

Take vacations any time of the year.

Start really enjoying life...and get your LIFE back!

Anyone can do this...

We'll show you how to get your first course out to the market, even if you're a newbie with no idea what your topic would be and don't have a social media following.

What Others Say


Angelic has educated me on ways to think beyond my 9 to 5. Not only do I understand how to create a new stream of income, but I'm incredibly empowered to know that I'm my own boss. Angelic has been supportive, encouraging, and her feedback and advice during this journey has been priceless.I don't know why I waited so long to live this new and fabulous life?!?!

Lisa Nevins 

 / Private Mortgage Banker


Angelic is not just a hard working entrepreneur, but she is a woman of integrity. She keeps me accountable and is always pushing me to my next level. I love her upbeat, energetic spirit because it keeps me motivated.

S Clark Brooks

/ Author, Christian Business Coach


Angelic is truly motivational, and passionate about helping women understand that they have talents and skills they can monetize and teach to others. She knows what it’s like to want to expand beyond the boring 9-5, which makes her to relatable. She is laser-focused, so hold and be ready for success.

T.J. Sykes

/ Abundance Coach

Angelic Marnier

Meet Angelic Marnier...

I'm Angelic Marnier and I was just like you, that's why I'm so confident that you too can get out of corporate America and really live the life you know you were meant to live. And I'm the best person to get you there. I am YOU!

I know what it's like to sit in an office or cubicle (I've done both) and look up and think, this can't be it for me. Am I really going to work here for another 20 years with regrets that's this is all I've done with my life? Noooooo Wayyyyyyy, I was scared as heck of this, so I had to figure a way out.

I was completely stuck until I found out about digital course creation. It's what saved me from the corporate rat race. Online courses are a quick and safe method of replacing your current salary. And now I'm going to show you the exact same steps I took to start generating income. 

I've created a blueprint where you can simply copy my formula and create your ticket out of corporate America. It's my mission to help women monetize their expertise by teaching others what their naturally gifted at.  

  • Start learning, then start generating your money
  • Get up and running as fast as possible without any guess work
  • Turn your expertise into a profitable business that will replace your current income
  • We’ve got the right blueprint, the right step-by-step instructions, and the right mentor in place

When I say step-by-step...I mean just that, I'm going to hold your hand...take a look below...I want show you what you're getting in advance...

Module 1 - Mistakes to avoid

Module 2 - How To Pick A Topic

Module 3 - How To Pick an Audience

Module 4 - Goal of Your Course

Module 5 - Course Outline

Module 6 - How To Make Your Course Irresistible

Module 7 - Price, Collect Payments, Platform, Profit

Module 8 & 9 - Setting Up Your Business

Module 10 - Pre-launch

Module 11 - Launch & Post Launch

Module 12 - Winning Mindset

If you want more freedom/time/money in your life this is the program for you. I believe that you have what it takes to get whatever you want out of life.

Are you going to spend another year at your same job, or do you want to take action now? It's 50 % off today, so what do you have to lose, except that job?

Keep in mind, your kids will only be this age for a moment in time...don't pour all your time into your job and look out and have missed out on precious times with your children.

This all reminds me of one of my closest co-workers that I love. We would always talk about how we were going to get out of your jobs. I did my research, tried a few things along the way, and finally started making money at online courses and I'm no longer at my 9 to 5. It's been a few years and I still talk to my co-worker and guess what? She still hates her job and is still talking about when she's going to leave. Which woman do you want to be like?

I know you’re ready to get out of your 9 to 5, and I’m going to show you how to do it!


Typically $2498, I’m slashing the price for early-action takers because they’re always the ones that take the course and actually make six figures. 

If that’s you…click here and let’s get you out of your 9 to 5

I can only mentor a handful of students so Enrollment closes at midnight on xx/xx/2020

Some common FAQ’s to answer:

What results can I expect?
We have a proven system so your results are all dependent how much time you dedicate to your dream, your attitude, and your work ethic. If you have a can-do attitude, you’re going to do well. We work with women to create juicy online courses that they can sell to the masses and make great money doing so. We work on mindset, making sure that your course topic will sell, finding your dialed-in audience, entrepreneurial skills, and systems to help you create your high income program.

How much time will it require?
If you want to really see results we recommend that you dedicate 2-3 hours a day to work on your future fortune. But that’s the greatest thing about a course, you can go at your own pace.

When does the program begin?
It begins the second you click the link, you can start immediately, in fact I hope you do.

How do I know this program is for me?
Corporate Countdown is for that woman who wants to break out of her 9 to 5 and wants to really turn her wisdom into a solid 6 figure $100,000 + income per year business!

Is there a refund policy or a guarantee?
We have a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

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