Meet Angelic Marnier

When it comes to monetizing skills online, Angelic is a game-changer. A sought-after coach and mentor to people looking to supplement their existing income or break free from corporate America, Angelic knows firsthand what it's like to trade time for money constantly. After years of working for major companies like Fox and Disney, she realized corporate America wasn't a good fit for her, so she dove feet first into entrepreneurship.

Having fallen in love with being the decision-maker, reclaiming her time, and taking advantage of the freedom provided by being her own boss, Angelic wanted to help others do the same. Now, she helps people identify what life or professional skills they can turn into a powerful online course. Collaborating one-on-one with her clients, Angelic helps them create impactful and life-changing programs into powerful passive income streams

You became a boss to work less, make more, and free up your time for the people and things that matter most. There's only one problem: you're the face and voice of your brand, and you can't be everywhere at once, right? With the Monetize Your Genius proprietary method, you can. Angelic's proven system is the answer to automating and monetizing your knowledge so you yield the highest return on investment—TIME FREEDOM!

Can you relate?

― My business relies on me showing up.
― I'm doing all the right things, but my bank balance doesn't reflect it.
― I'm skeptical because I've been burned before.
When you're the secret sauce in your business' success, it's challenging to scale. But, let's face it, you didn't become a boss to trade time for money. You became a boss to impact the world and enjoy life while doing it. Angelic understands. She's worked with many speakers, authors, coaches, and thought leaders who, like you, have done the work but still struggle with consistent sales and scaling. That's why she took her time crafting an easy step-by-step blueprint to maximize your profitability while minimizing your physical presence so you can enjoy TIME FREEDOM.