Meet Angelic Marnier

Angelic is a sought after online course creation coach and mentor for women seeking to get out of corporate America. She works one-on-one with you to determine what life or professional skills you can turn into a powerful online course. No matter your background, everyone has something that people will pay for to learn about - that is where she comes in.

Angelic comes from the corporate world, she has been in a role where the routine was safe but her calling to do more with her life was far more compelling. Does this sound familiar? She shares your passion for a life with more time, freedom, and more money than your corporate 9-5 can provide. These are the reasons why women come to her to help them escape the 9-5 life including her empathy for being exactly where you are in life and her knowledge of how to get you where you want to be.

She understands that the women that come to her are wanting to build their own empire, not someone else's. However - they may have families, and massive financial responsibilities which is why she has taken the time to craft a safe and easy step-by-step blueprint on how to take control of your life...leaving the 9-5 behind.

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