Refund Policy

The product, service or membership referenced herein is sold with a 90 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. If the product is other than an e-product or digital product, the product must be returned during the refund period to the shipping address provided with the product. The burden is on the Buyer to prove that the product was in fact returned to that address. Cancellation of a membership or request for refund of a digital product delivered over the internet must be noticed to the contact address in this Purchase Agreement. The Buyer understands that all rights to view the product and all license or resale rights terminate when the product is returned for a refund. (Selling of a product in which you have no ownership interest or resale license rights is a crime as well as breach of this agreement.) Giving the Buyer a refund during the refund period is the full and complete liability that the Seller of this product, service or membership has to the Buyer. Buyer agrees that the length of the refund period is reasonable and further agrees to examine, read, and try the product, service or membership during the 90 day refund period as a material consideration required by the Seller as part of the purchase price. Buyer further warrants that he or she will make a determination during the 90 day refund period if the product is as described and to decide whether the Buyer wishes to keep the product. If the Buyer does not contact the Seller during the refund period, Buyer agrees that the Seller may construe silence as a full, complete and final acceptance of the product, service or membership with no further right of redress or refund for any reason due to the Buyer.

Separately, but not simultaneously, Hobby For Profit offers a 200% (double money back) guarantee. If after the initial 90-day refund period, and buyer has put forth a “good-faith” effort to use the strategies in the program as determined by Seller; beginning day 91 from the date of purchase and for a continuous period of 274 days, but not to exceed 365 days from date of purchase, Hobby For Profit will provide a refund of $94.00 (ninety four US dollars) (double the purchase amount).

To qualify for the double money back guarantee, Buyer must:

  1. Have purchased the Hobby For Profit Program from at the regular price of $47 or through an authorized affiliate.
  2. Have a valid order/confirmation number for the above purchase.
  3. Have not previously requested a refund.
  4. Have not requested a charge-back refund for credit card purchases or placed a hold on check payments.
  5. Have not purchased the Hobby For Profit Program using affiliate links owned by the Buyer or Buyer’s company(s).
  6. “Good Faith” effort is considered having implemented two or more of the strategies in the program.

All double money back refunds must be approved by company officers and are subject to rigorous scrutiny to prevent fraud. Approval of refunds are at the sole discretion of the company officers. All double money back guarantees will be processed with 8-12 weeks of request.